Catching up with the holidays

Well, where to start!  We had a wonderful holiday season here until . . . . the dreaded yuckies came.  I’ve had the worst sinus infection, mixed with flu and now an ear infection.  Boo hoo!  If it hadn’t had been for my whole family chipping in on Christmas dinner and festivities it would have been a total disaster.  Now that I finally broke down and actually took the time to get to the doctor’s for much needed medicine, I’m beginning to feel a bit better.  Hope your holidays went a little healthier, but just as joyful as mine were seeing all my family together.

I’m working on some new items, slowly right now, but they’re in the works.  I’m opening a new shop on etsy that will just have my handmade soaps in it.  My son is working on the banner for me and I hope I’ll have all my stock ready just after the first of the year.  I hope to make the shop another reflection of all the things I love.  Why shouldn’t we add beautiful scents to something we use every day.  I’m concentrating on all natural soaps with rich ingredients.  Having two children and a husband with allergies, I’ve found Goat’s Milk to be a salvation for everyone. 

In addition, I’m adding to my purses and totes line with original totes that will make the romantic in all of us just SING!  Beautiful vintage images, many generously donated by giving friends on Flickr, are copied on fabric and give me so many options for creating these every day useful items.  They also give me a use for my over abundant supply of laces, buttons and costume jewelry.  My Flickr pictures on the side bar are where you’ll be able to get a sneak peak.

In closing, I’d just like to thank everyone, my etsy friends, my flickr buddies, blog buddies and my family for making my life so wonderful.  It is with your encouragement I’m able to create, feel so loved and wake up everyday with new energy.  You’re all dear to me more than you will ever know.

That’s it for now. . . I hope the remainder of your 2007 is filled with happy family memories, inspiration on how to make 2008 an unbelievable year and a safe, HEALTHY New Year to all! 

Love, Wendy

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Checking in yet again. . .

Alas, the Stevenson Spartans were defeated at Ford Field. . . but YEAH guys for getting that far and Stevenson Varsity Band for supporting your team.  Good job to everyone.  Devon’s birthday turned out wonderful.  Her best friends decorated the house for me while we were at Ford Field, sent her on a scavenger hunt and had a wonderful party for her.  Happy Birthday to my baby!

Work is still busy, it seems just like at home, things pile up.  I’ve been busily listing on etsy and have decided, again, to discontinue with e-bay for the time being.  I’m thinking after the new year to just concentrate on my own website and etsy for a bit.

Just got home from my daughter’s band concert, helped my two boys plus her with papers due tomorrow and now I’m off to bed.  Hope everyone is further ahead with their Christmas shopping than I am!  Sweet dreams . . . . . Wendy

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