Boo Hoo

Well, mixed emotions.  I finally closed my e-bay shop.  It’s so funny, how can you have an attachment to something that really does not exist.   The store really wasn’t making any money, it was just . . . mine.    I’ve put everything in the store up for auction, there really wasn’t that much left anyways, and decided what will be, will be.

On a more positive note, I’ve opened a second shop on Etsy that has my body products (thanks family) and more shabby chic, altered art creations in it.  Tough going, being a new shop and all but I think it WILL work. 

I’ve decided to devote more time to my online store for the simple fact of I always attempt to create items one can’t find anywhere else.  My soul is in this store; I just need to find a way to market more.

After a long illness (a lung infection no less) How Weird! I’m really looking forward to 20008 and creating new items.  Thanks so much, as always for your support, and may you find happiness in your family, friends and all you do!  Sorry for the mushiness, but I really do hope that for you and me!

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