Sunday, Beautiful Sunday


What a wonderful day I had today.  I spend time working on my store – poor little girl, it’s just been so neglected!  I’m really making that a priority right now.  Although it’s still cold here, there was beautiful sunshine, making working from my computer in the kitchen almost “spring-like”.    We’ll pretend I don’t know more nasty, snowy weather is coming tomorrow and Tuesday. LOL!

I’m also having a lot of fun with the CottageStyle Street Team on Etsy.  What a wonderful bunch of gals – everyone’s so talented and brings a new spin on the term “shabby chic”.  A great way to find everyone is to go to etsy and type in “CSST” in the search box.  But be ready to be amazed!

Kids were pretty quiet this weekend – big school projects kept them very busy.  Husband was quiet because he got some kind of new techno toy. 

Tomorrow starts a new week – lots of projects going on at my “real” job, so I’ll try to jump back in here to post some new things I’m working on in a couple of days.  Have a great week everyone!

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Full Lunar Eclipse

Well, it’s late, but what a wonderful. long, eventful day.  My daughter, my hubby and I all went out to see the lunar eclipse.  How amazing!  Christmas this last year, Craig and I bought Devon a “state of the art” telescope because she’s so interested in earth science.  She’s used it every chance she’s gotten and opened us up to a whole new world.  I’ll try to post some pictures she took later on, but WOW!  How fascinating our world and our universe is.  The boys came out for a bit, but with 0 degree weather, even the heartiest of us tend to falter.  Best wishes to all – if you had a chance to see it, send me a note!  Big hugs, Wendy

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Wow, what a whirlwind weekend.  First on a business note, I’ve joined a brand new street team on Etsy created by Sadie Lou of SadieLouWho on etsy.  I’ve added her blog on my side bar but you can click here, too!  There are so many wonderfully talented people on etsy who love the shabby chic style so if you’d like to see all their work please visit to see it all!  I’ll be adding specific shabby chic’er crafters on my side bar as time permits.

Family news . . .  My two boys FINALLY got their driver’s licenses yesterday.  They took drivers ed about 2 years ago, but were never quite “ready” to take their final tests.  My guess is, it’s much easier to have Mom & Dad drive where they needed to go.  They’re both 17 now, and after waiting so long, I thought I would be thrilled.  Come to find out, I’m a nervous wreck.  What if someone hits them, carjacks them, they hurt somebody, they play the radio too loud. . . . I’m sure some of you have dealt with this, but I have to say I’m really afraid.  I just couldn’t bear if anything ever happened to them.  This summer, I’ll go thru it again with my daughter ~ Oh, boy!

I’m back creating again, my work schedule is crazy but I find if I spend just a bit of time crafting, updating my sites or even just dreaming of projects I’m much happier.  I’ll try to check in later on this week again.  Feel free to leave me a comment, send me a e-mail or just say hi!  Have a wonderful week everyone –  One extremely nervous Mother a/k/a Wendy.  LOL!

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Well, as you can tell the new year has not left me a lot of time to keep up with my blog, my website or listing new items on etsy.  Try as I may, it seems one issue or another keeps preventing me to give business “things” my attention.  So, I think the best I can do is keep trucking along, list and post when life allows me a second to do so and most of all KEEP THE FAITH that all will eventually calm down.

In the next week, I hope to post some links to some wonderful people I’ve met on etsy.  I’m gathering their blog links now and I think you’ll all just be amazed with these ladies talented, romantic, shabby chic style.  I visit their blogs regularly and am always amazed at what they think of. 

Well, off to bed tonight – we’ll begin again tomorrow with a new energy!  Lots of love, Wendy

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