Back from Vacation

What a wonderful time we had.  The weather was just perfect for skiing, although in the late afternoons, it was really cold!  I think I skiied more and better this time than I ever have and funny enough, it made my kids happy watching me struggle (You think they have a mean streak, lol?!).  Here’s just a couple of the highlights of our trip.  I’ll post more of the beautiful pictures my daughter took later.  Lots of fun and I’ll cherish the time forever – Wendy

Devon, Reid & Kyle

                                              Me & Hubby (Craig)                                                             Where we stayed

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  1. Hi! I just discovered your blog and wanted to say your post on skiing brings back memories. We used to ski at least 2X a year when I was growing up. My husband and I have gone one time. We have never taken our children as they are in competitive sports and their coaches do not want them injured from a ski trip! Anyway, thanks for bringing back some fond memories. We always skied the summit area in Colorado. I’ve never been to Michigan. My husband has been there on business and it has always been very cold.

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