So, I finally finished . . .

You can take a look at my flicker page (right side of my blog) for clearer pictures, but I finally finished the re-do on my stairs.  I do really love it.  As I began placing things, it took on a different life than what I had originally intended, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.  I figured if it makes me smile when I walk in the door – it’s great! 

Top of the stairs

Top of the stairs





Close up

Close up

Close up of Shelf

Close up of Shelf

My favorite find

My favorite find

and on to the next project . . . . .
Just a blank canvas

Just a blank canvas


Shabby Lane Shops

Have you ever heard of an on-line shabby chic one stop shop?  Oh my goodness, you need to check out .  This site has absolutely everything you could ever want or need for romantic gifts, home décor, great inspirational decorating ideas and so much more.  There are over 100 sweet shops to look at and find anything your romantic heart desires.


On the other hand, if you’re a designer, crafter or passionate about beginning your on-line presence, this is definitely the site to begin with.  Catherine, our owner, is so gracious in helping you thru the process of joining, setting up your website and guiding you with advertising and more.


Before you ask, yes, I am represented there and it has truly been a blessing.  The ladies who own these wonderful shops have such astonishing talent, their customer service is impeccable and their products are so beautifully presented, you’ll never need to shop anywhere else.


So, in closing, if you’ve never heard of us, please click on this link to find our wonderful shops.  Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.


Wendy @

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Michael’s Makeover

So I went to my local Michaels store and found these beautiful little nests encompassed in a cloche for $7.99 with 40% off and my brain just said – Ooooh, I can make this so much prettier and it will fit will my makeover project for my hallway display. 

So here is the original ~






And here is the new version ~


My version

My version



I just painted the base with gesso, took off all the old flowers, added glass glitter around the top of the nest, paper pink roses and creamy white nosegays and voila!  A new piece for my makeover and a beautiful dream of spring!


What do you think?

Update on the Stairs & Closet

30209-0021So, the process has begun.  I’m almost embarrased to show the beginning because it looks so terrrible, but I know when the project is finished it will be well worth it. 

Here’s a couple pics of the beginning.  I fell in love with this border when we moved into the house 12 years ago, but alas, time for change.

Here’s just a teaser of what’s happening.  The lovely model in the photo is my daughter who carefully taped off the steps and painted them.  The closet is my domain.  I’ll post more once it’s finished!  Hugs to all, Wendy




New items added and a bit a fabulous personal news . . . .

Well, I can hardly contain myself, so I think I’ll go with the personal news first.  As many of you know my husband and myself are the proud parents of 3 children who will ALL be entering college in the fall.  (O.k., try to figure that one out!)  My two boys were both accepted to Eastern University and my daughter was accepted to U of M.  Needless to say, I couldn’t be prouder of all of them.  Although, they still have a lot of decisions to make about commuting, staying on campus, what they’d like to pursue; at least now they have a final destination for the next four years.  Yeah, Babies!

For business news, I’ve been adding new items daily.  Here’s just a sneak peek of a few I thought you might like.  On a fun note, I recently had a sale to a lady in Sweden.  That was definitely a country I had never shipped to before.  Have fun looking at the pictures and have a wonderful rest of the week.  Hugs from me, Wendy

**Sorry, I can’t get my picture to upload right now – must be some kind of a glitch.  To se what’s coming just click on my flickr page on the right hand side.**  I’ll try again later!

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I’m baaaaaack. . . .

Finally checking back in as I was without a computer for about a week.  My hard drive crashed. . . whatever that means.  Fortunately, my husband and sons being quite the talented computer people were able to save almost everything!  YEAH! 

I’ve been adding products furiously to my website, and also my one etsy store at  (Sorry for the shameless plug!)  I’ve yet to get to flickr or my other etsy store, but this choochoo’s going to keep on going!

Here’s a couple of pics showing what I’ve been working on.  Lots and lots of soap.  I’m having so much fun with the little cakes, but thought I should make some truly utilitarian ones also.  I love these soaps so much – the base I’m working with has no chemicals or drying agents like sls.  The roses soap is what I’m giving away with every purchase from my website for the month of October.  Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you soon – Wendy



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Ava Rose . . . . My new love

Ahhhh. . . . Ava Rose is my new love!  As most of you know 99% of what I make is created with vintage fabrics and barkcloths.  This is the 1st collection of new fabrics I’ve ever fallen in love with.  Tanya Whalen has created this gorgeous fabric for FreeSpirit and I just love it.  So far, I’ve only made these from two of the stunning colorways, but there’s more out there.  HELP!!!!!  I’m addicted!

Come see these new pieces being added to  Right now, I’m offering free shipping and custom orders, as always, are welcome.

Love to all ~ Wendy

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More stuff. . . . .

  I’ve been busy adding new merchandise to  I decided to take the month of July to list like crazy. . . . Anybody else ever get like that?  It doesn’t happen very often for me.  I love to create, but not to list, but my studio was being overtaken with finished items that really needed to get out there.

Just wanted to let everyone know right now on, I’m offering free shipping for the month of July.  Christmas shopping early, YEAH! 

Hugs to all,


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Business Decisions

I don’t know about all of you who sell on e-bay, but I am having a heck of a time.  After going strong since 1999, my sales on that site have just tanked!  It’s really sad and upsetting to me.  I can’t figure out if it’s the site, my work, or people are discovering an abundance of other avenues to shop from.  Thus. . . I’ve decided to concentrate on Etsy (which I love) and my own website

Shabby Boy Collage Doll Star Collage

My store on e-bay will slowly be liquidating and although I may maintain a presence selling there for certain items, I will no longer have a store.  Sadly, I just can’t justify the cost. 

On a brighter note, although I am sad, I’m looking forward to really concentrating on only two avenues.  It will free up more of my time to network with other small business owners on Flickr & etsy and leave me with more time for family (which I REALLY need!). 

If anyone else has any thoughts on e-bay or direction or any business advice, please leave me a comment or e-mail me.  I’m always interested in your thoughts.  Here’s a little of what I listed on my web site today.  OOOOH, I almost forgot – everything is 20% off at my web store.  Have a great week – XOXO Wendy

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